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DIY Bathroom Organizer

#UpcyclingwithNIVEA: Bathroom Organizer

Reuse your empty NIVEA cans and bottles.

Don’t throw away your empty NIVEA bottles just yet! We have a great
upcycling idea for you. How about a Bathroom Organizer that suits your needs?

Easy Do It Yourself Tutorial

How to upcycle empty NIVEA products and create a practical Bathroom Organizer.

Create a useful Bathroom Organizer out of empty NIVEA cans

You have just emptied another NIVEA product and can’t bring yourself to throw the bottle or tin away just yet? No worries! We have just the right upcycling idea for you. In a few simple steps, we’ll show you how to create a cute
Bathroom Organizer from your finished NIVEA products. Scroll down to see how easily it’s done.

More Upcycling with NIVEA

DIY NIVEA herb garden tutorial

A Bathroom Organizer isn’t the only DIY-project you can easily make out of empty NIVEA products: Check out our tutorial on how to create an herb garden for your kitchen through the button below!

Create the ideal beach accessory

DIY NIVEA clip purse tutorial

You have just used up your washing gel and don’t know what to do with the empty bottle? Reuse it and make a super handy clip purse for your next trip to the beach! Take a look at the DIY-tutorial by clicking the the button below.